Denver Estate Help


As a residential renovation and real estate company, we help our customers meet their goals during life’s events.

Founded in 2020, Denver Estate Help partnered together with a real estate company to create and deliver a 1-stop shop approach to the market place. This unique blend of construction and real estate services enables home owners to make strategic decisions with their home to maximize the markets potential.

Our services are designed to help examine the situation by working directly with the home owners, attorney, or personal representative to tailor a plan to renovate and sell the home for maximum return on investment.

Our Core Values

Our Purpose

To provide a renovation and real estate service to those who have acquired a home to sell from an estate or a home in probate to maximize its value for our client.

Our Mission

Our commitment is to make the Real Estate transaction seamless and efficient for both the estate and council in the most trustworthy and professional manner.

Our Vision

To reduce probate stress and deliver a sincere experience within every unique situation.

Our Objective

Act as an extension of the client to minimize risk and maximize solutions that provide quality decisions in good faith and consciousness.

We work with people who often:

Inherited a second mortgage and cannot make the additional payments

Overwhelmed by the amount of bills associated with the home


Liens that have been placed on the home

Difficulty with the upkeep or maintenance (interior/exterior) on the estate


The legal aspects of an estate that can be confusing and frustrating


Don’t know how to deal with the vacancy and the liability risk associated with the home

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