At Denver Estate Help, we work with Probate Attorneys and Real Estate Agents to identify the optimum solution to maximize a property’s profitability. Whether it’s a simple clean out, or a full property renovation, we work with you to identify the best-case scenario that meets your needs.

Residential Solutions


Probate property is really about four things: Logistics, Strategic Renovation, Selling, and Return on Investment. Our simple all-in-one process reduces stress and increases profitability.


While divorce is extremely stressful, emotional, and can be difficult, you’re not alone. At Denver Estate Help, we work with both parties to help identify the necessary requirements of the home(s) in question. We can simply sell your home “as-is” for quick market turnaround or renovate according to the market that will give you the most financial return on your investment. In extreme cases, we can work with your bank for a short sale or help remove from a foreclosure. Each situation is unique and therefore requires custom assessments. In any situation, we are here and ready to help!


Whether its chapter 7, 11, or 13, Denver Estate Help can work with you, your attorney and/or the court appointed trustee to identify the fair market value and options of either updating the home or selling according to court directions.

Real Estate

Whether your project is a Fix-&-Flip, traditional buy/sell, or a rental project, our process identifies the most strategic method to maximize your profitability.


Why we are different

We focus on providing the knowledge, guidance, and appropriate direction to help customers maximize their homes value. We assess the situation, review customers goals, and then tailor a strategic solution that works specifically for you or your client.

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