What kind of renovations will you do to the property?
We always start with the end goal first…what price will the home sell for based upon time and renovation criteria. First, we assess the property for its location, condition, and current marketability. Once we have those determining factors, we create an Approved Renovation Value (ARV) scenario package that depicts the necessary improvements for maximum profitability for selling the property. The renovation can be as sophisticated as a complete renovation, or as simple as a thorough cleaning inside and out.
Do you renovate and sell the home?
Yes, our business model and process is designed to reduce stress by identifying the best renovation scenario and selling the home. Because we work with the realtor at the beginning, we streamline the process to accommodate renovation and marketability together in order to maximize profitability.
How long will the project take?
Each project is determined by the scenario or scope of work that has been identified during the assessment. For basic cleanings and minimal repairs, the average time onsite is about one week. For more essential renovations, the time can range anywhere from five to ten weeks. Typically, what we see for scenario number three is about six weeks. However, we have been known to finish ahead of schedule!
What kind of professionals do you have on your team?
Because we always start with the end goal first, we hire only licensed contractors for all major components of the renovation. This way, home inspections for FHA, Conventional, Vets, Investments, etc, are all done right at the beginning so the home sells more quickly. We mitigate the risk ahead of time to ensure quality for selling and purchasing of the property.
What type of quality assurance do you follow?
Each project has a project manager overseeing the project from start to finish. That means, all contractors and subs are following a specific direction based upon the renovation scope of work identified within a scenario package. The project is mapped out based upon many factors to help make the selling/buying experience simple and to inspectional code for most all loan requirements. That means no short-cuts allowed.
How do you get paid?
We get paid in one of two ways: 1. The estate has the money to front the renovation and is paid upon completion. 2. We front the cost of the renovation and get paid at closing when the house gets sold.



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